Rosewater Products

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Rosewater Speciality Products:
Body Cream
Hand Cream

Other products containing rosewater:

Rose and Palmarosa Body Cream, Double Cream, Ice Cream, Peaches & Cream, After Sun Lotion, PitStop deodorant spray (pink) and Shampoo for dry hair.

We are passionate about all things rose! Cathy and I went to Bulgaria in 2013 to experience their Rose Festival and to see first hand how rosewater is produced. Bulgaria is one of the leading countries in rose product export, along with Turkey and Iran. We tend to use Turkish rosewater in our products because we find it has a slightly higher content of rose oil. Not all varieties of rose are used in the production of oils and perfumes. In France the Rose de Provence has been used for decades by the perfume industry because of its wonderful scent. The Kazanlak rose is the main one used for oil extraction, and rosa rugosa or eglantiers are used for rosehip oil.

Since 2014 we have been growing roses, organically of course, with the intention of making our own rose oil infusions to include in our rosewater products.


All our rosewater products have only a mild scent. This comes from the principle ingredient – rosewater.
Throughout history rose oil has been used as a scent or basic ingredient of perfumes. However, it takes so many petals to produce a few mls of the precious oil that it is often at least as expensive as gold. For this reason many oils, perfumes and creams that call themselves “Rose” have been synthetically produced.

Natural rose fragrance is continually sought after for its uplifting and reviving scent. It is also said that when one smells the perfume of a rose it triggers the same hormones as those that are produced when we fall in love. Hence the reason for the classic gift of red roses as a symbol of love.

Luckily for us, the steam distillation process that is used to extract rose oil creates rose water as a by-product. The resulting flower water contains many different beneficial components. It is extensively used as an emollient in skin care products. Its tonic and soothing quality is useful for all skin types, especially mature, dry and sensitive. It nourishes, tonifies and hydrates the skin. Helping to maintain the skin’s pH balance, Rosewater stimulates regeneration processes and has a soothing and anti-reddening effect. It helps the skin texture to become more even and elastic. It is said that scars, minor infections, sunburn, ageing skin and thread veins all benefit from its action.

Historically, the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty was attributed to bathing her face daily in rose water. Queen Elizabeth 1st insisted that Rose Oil be added to the Holy Oil used at her coronation and it has been used in the anointing of British Kings and Queens ever since.