Calendula Products

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Old English Marigolds - calendula

Old English Marigolds – calendula

Organic Calendula

is one of our passions! We make all of our Calendula products using home-grown organic Calendula. These Old English Marigolds bear beautifully vibrant flowers that are packed full of goodness. The more we harvest them, the more they flower. Our organic Calendula flowers are freshly hand-picked and then steeped in alcohol to make tincture, or for Calendula oil they are lightly dried before they are infused.

Picture of me picking organic calendula, with a little help from our father Mr King.

Picking organic calendula, with a little help from our late father Bernard King.

All the following products contain organic Calendula either as their main active ingredient or as a support ingredient: Organic Calendula Tincture; Organic Calendula oil; Gold Top; Expresso; Avocalm; Sorbet; Smoothie; Lip Balms Pots; Lip Balm Tubes; PitStop Cream; Yummibummi Nappy Balm; Baby Bath Soak; Busy Hands Hand Cream; Geranium Body Cream and Orange & Sandalwood Body Cream; After Sun Lotion; Shampoo for normal hair. 

Organic Calendula Uses.

Organic Calendula can be used both externally and internally. The flowers can be dried and drunk as a tea. The tincture can also be taken internally. It can be very helpful for conditions such as leaky gut.

Customers have used our organic calendula products on leg ulcers, eczema (including varicose eczema), cancer-related skin lesions, herpes, warts, veruccae and, of course, post operative wounds and general wounds.

In a case series of 24 adults with non-specific colitis treated with an herbal tea that included calendula, 96% had improved symptoms within two weeks.*(1)

In another series of 170 patients with duodenal ulcers and/or gastroduodenitis, treatment with an herbal combination including calendula was followed by improved symptoms in 90%.*(2)

There is a long tradition and numerous case reports of using calendula-based ointments for wound healing and hemorrhoids. Among adults suffering from leprosy, an ointment containing 10% calendula extract appeared to help heal chronic skin sores and prevent additional infections.*(3)

Calendula has been used medicinally for centuries – probably for millennia! Records dating back as far as the 12th century mention Calendula’s use as a medicinal agent, but Europe has now outlawed it being sold as a healing herb. According to a 2012 European law calendula is now classified as a beauty (cosmetic) product and it is illegal for us to make any claims about its healing potential, so instead we simply invite you to TRY IT and COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS!

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*(2) Chakurski I, Matev M, Stefanov G, Koichev A, Angelova I. Treatment of duodenal ulcers and gastroduodenitis with a herbal combination of Symphitum officinalis and Calendula officinalis with and without antacids. Vutr Boles 1981; 20:44-7.

*(3) The Longwood Herbal Task Force