Our Natural Ingredients

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New leaf Creams' "No Nasties" standards and principles

Organic and Natural Ingredients

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We use all natural ingredients, many of which are organic. The ones which are not organic could be classified as ‘almost organic’. A product is not allowed to call itself organic unless it has passed an extremely rigorous ‘box-ticking’ procedure – and if it can only tick 99 boxes out of 100 it may not qualify. Therefore we are happy to use natural ingredients that are almost-but-not-quite organic. We had to decide whether to go 100% organic with high prices to mirror our high costs, or to go nearly 100% organic and keep prices low enough for our products to be affordable for the average person. We chose the latter. In an ideal world everything would be organic and affordable but until such time we have to live with a small degree of compromise…

We don’t use harsh chemicals and mineral oils.

When we say natural skincare, we mean natural skincare! Everything in our products is considered totally safe and non-toxic, as listed in Cosing, the European Commission database with information on cosmetic ingredients contained in the Cosmetics Directive.

We believe in fair trade, home-grown and local sourcing.

We are careful to select ingredients from sellers who trade fairly. Our herbs are home-grown in North Devon, or Normandy,  France. What we can’t grow ourselves we make every effort to source from good quality, like-minded companies.

Beauty without cruelty.

Beeswax is the only non vegan-friendly ingredient that we use, and currently this is only in our lip balms, Wintergreen balm and Yummibummi nappy cream. We visited our local beeswax supplier and were very impressed with his bee knowledge. We are definitely satisfied (not that we are experts!) with his level of bee care.   …And on the ‘animal’ front, we are passionately opposed to animal testing and have no difficulty finding willing human guinea pigs to test our recipes!

Our Ingredients

The following list contains all the ingredients that we currently use. (Forgive us if we’ve missed something – we’ve done our best!) Ingredients are listed in English followed by their Latin ‘INCI’ wording.

EO = essential oil
HE = herbal/homeopathic extract

Almond oil:  Prunus amygdalus dulcis
Aloe vera:  Aloe barbadensis leaf juice
Apricot kernel oil: Prunus armeniaca
Argan oil: Argania Spinosa Kernel
Arnica (HE)  Arnica Montana Flower Extract
Avocado oil: Persea americana
Basil (EO): Ocimum Basilicum
Beeswax:  Cera alba
Bicarbonate of soda: Sodium bicarbonate
Borage oil:  Borago officinalis
Calendula  (HE)  Calendula officinalis flower extract
Castor oil: Ricinus Communis
Caustic soda: Sodium hydroxide
Cedarwood (EO) Cedrus deodara
Chamomile water: Anthemis nobilis flower water
Cider vinegar
Cinnamon   (EO) Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
Clay powder:  Magnesium aluminium silicate
Cocoa butter: Theobroma Cacao
Coco glucoside (glucose derived from coconut)
Coconut oil: Cocos nucifera
Comfrey leaf: Symphytum officinale
Cyprus (EO): Cupressus sempervirens
Elderflower (HE) : Sambucus
Emulsifying wax:  Cetearyl alcohol & polysorbate 60
Ethanol alcohol:  Alcohol denat
Eucalyptus (EO): Eucalyptus globulus
Eyebright   (HE)  Euphrasia officinalis
Frankincense (EO)  Boswellia carteri
Geranium (EO)  Pelargoniun graveolens
Grapefruit (EO)  Citrus Grandis
Grapeseed oil  Vitis vinifera
Green tea: Camellia sinensis
Ground peach kernel: Prunus Persica
Jojoba:   Simmondsia chinensis
Juniper berry water:  Juniperus communis flower water
Lauryl glucoside (glucose derived from coconut)
Lavender (EO)  Lavandula angustifolia
Lavender water:  Lavandula angustifolia flower water
Lemon (EO)  Citrus medica limonum
Lemongrass (EO)  Cymbopogon Citratus
Lemon juice
Lime (EO)  Citrus aurantifolia
Mahonia (HE) : Berberis aquifoleum
Marshmallow (HE) : Althaea officinalis
Myrrh (EO) : Commiphora mirrha
Nettle (HE)  Urtica urens leaf extract
Olive oil:   Olea Europaea
Orange (EO)  Citrus aurantium dulcis
Palmarosa (EO)  Cymbopogon martini
Parsley (EO)  Carum Petroselinum
Patchouli  (EO)  Pogostemon cablini
Peppermint (EO) Mentha piperita Leaf
Petitgrain (EO)  Citrus aurantium amara
Natural preservatives: Potassium sorbate
Aspen bark extract: Populus tremuloides powder
Borax: Sodium borate
Rose geranium (EO)  Pelargonium Graveolens flower
Rose water:  Rosa damascene flower water
Rosehip oil:  Rosa Rubignosa
Rosemary  (HE)  Rosemarinus officinalis
Rosewood (EO) Aniba rosaeodora
Ruta (HE)  Ruta graveolens
Sage (HE)  Salvia Officinalis
Sandalwood (EO) Santalum spicatum
Shea butter : Butyrospermum Parkii
St John’s wort   (HE) Hypericum perforatum flower extract
Tea tree (EO) Melaleuca alternifolia
Thiosinamine (HE) Brassica nigra  (Black mustard seed extract)
Thyme (HE) Thymus vulgaris
Vanilla:   Vanilla Planifolia Fruit
Vitamin E oil:  Tocopherol
Wintergreen (EO)  Gaultheria procumbens
Witch hazel (HE) Hamamelis virginiana
Xanthan gum
Ylang ylang (EO)  Cananga Odorata