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Hypercal Tincture, organic

Use our Hypercal Tincture, organic, for wounds with sensitivity and soreness, puncture wounds.

External uses: wounds;  lacerations; puncture wounds; dental surgery; herpes; neuralgia). Method: dilute 10 drops of tincture in 5oz / 150ml water and gently swab skin or rinse mouth etc. several times a day.

Internal uses: nerve inflammation and pain (neuritis and neuralgia); anxiety, insomnia and depression. Method: dilute 5-8 drops tincture in about two tablespoonful of lukewarm water (30ml) three times daily.

Always seek medical advice when treating serious skin conditions.
For advice about using herbal tinctures alongside doctor-prescribed medications please speak to your doctor.
Hypericum may cause photosensitivity. This website has a list of possible concerns about longterm use of hypericum.

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Organic calendula and hypericum flower extracts in ethanol alcohol

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