50ml pot of light moisturiser "SINGLE CREAM"

“SINGLE CREAM” Natural Light Moisturiser

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Aloe vera, cut, with drops of gel

“SINGLE CREAM” Natural Light Moisturiser for normal skin

Our “SINGLE CREAM” Natural Light Moisturiser is more than just a common or garden day cream. Containing aloe vera gel, almond and lavender oils, this cream will nurture your skin whilst protecting it from moisture loss during the day.

Although we don’t include any artificial SPFs, aloe vera is reknowned for its ability to deal with the effects of the sun.

Aloe vera has been recorded as being used in herbal medicine since the beginning of the first century AD, quite a track record! If you’d like a mouthful of natural chemical terms you may like to know it contains phytochemicals such as acetylated mannans, polymannans, anthraquinone C-glycosides, anthrones, other anthraquinones, such as emodin, and various lectins.

In an article by Dr Edward Group it is stated that “Aloe vera could be considered a superfood, the leaf is filled with a gel containing at least 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 200 active enzymes. These compounds have tremendous benefit and potential in external and internal applications.”

Dr Group also mentions a study that shows Aloe vera supports new skin cell production:  “The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology at the University in Belgrade, Serbia, published research in 2011 noting that gel from aloe is believed to promote and assist the growth of new cells.”

We believe that daily use of “Single Cream” – our natural moisturiser for normal skin – due to its Aloe vera content, will help skin stand up to everyday sunlight exposure. However, it should not be used in place of sunscreen.

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Water, almond oil, lavender oil*, lavender water*, aloe vera*, emulsifying wax, borax, lavender essential oil, *organic

  1. 5 out of 5

    A very gentle, soft cream. I am glad, that I found this product and I will never take any different cream! I am so thankfull, that Ms. King created this product.

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