250ml pot of New Leaf ROSE & PALMAROSA Body Cream



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Picture of pink old English rose and palmarosa grasses

Rose and Palmarosa

NEW LEAF Rose & Palmarosa Body Cream.

Our ROSE & PALMAROSA Body Cream is a deliciously feminine cream. Palmarosa is possibly the most feminine of all essential oils. It combines well with rosewater, which adds a gentle rose quality to the cream.

This cream has an apricot kernel oil base which makes it rich in vitamin E, and omegas-9 & -6 (essential fatty acids).  As well as nourishing, apricot kernel oil softens and revitalises the skin. Rosewater also has a softening effect and promotes hydration, so is very good for dry skin.

Suitable for all skin types this is possibly our lightest body cream. For an alternative light cream see our Geranium body cream.


More Info:

Why do we use rosewater in our Rose & Palmarosa Body Cream?

We have a whole page on rosewater which goes into more detail about this lovely ingredient and its properties. It has been used since time immemorial to keep skin young, fresh and beautiful. It calms redness, helps balance moisture levels, and softens and tones  the skin. See our Rosewater page for more information.

Why do we use palmarosa in our Rose & Palmarosa Body Cream?

Palmarosa has a light, floral, delicious rose-like smell and blends excellently with rosewater.  The perfume rapidly lifts the spirits and helps induce calmness.

Applied to the body it is used to relieve stiff, sore muscles and also for its excellent skincare properties. It is antiseptic, antiviral and bactericidal, which is good for starters! It also helps to balance oil and water levels in the skin which keeps the skin supple and elastic. Anything which helps in the battle against wrinkles and skin-sag is a positive in our book.

Palmarosa is known for its ability to rejuvenate skin cells which helps in anti-aging and skin repair processes. Anything that aids the battle against wrinkles and skin-sag is a positive in our books!

Palmarosa is also used to treat acne, dermatitis, minor skin infections, sore or tired feet and athlete’s foot.





Water, rosewater*, apricot kernel oil, emulsifying wax, borax, essential oil: palmarosa., *organic

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