About Us

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Lesley King: Lesley created all the New Leaf recipes. Having set up New Leaf in the UK she moved to France in 2013 and is now developing New Leaf over there. She says:
“I am a registered homeopath (see www.homeopathy-hastings.net ) and have been making New Leaf products for patients since 1990. Since moving to France I have been establishing New Leaf there and am always heartened by the appreciation the products get. It’s so rewarding to be able to offer a high quality product that is hand-made with ‘real’ ingredients, and then be on the receiving end of peoples’ positive feedback. My career in the natural health field began in 1974. I studied a wide variety of alternative health subjects before training as a homeopath in 1988. In 2008 one of my patients persuaded me to expand my range of creams and make them available to the general public, and NEW LEAF was born!

Cathy Hiscock: Cathy lives in Norfolk and since August 2014 makes and supplies New Leaf products locally in Norfolk, and is responsible for all UK web orders. She says:
“What I’ve noticed over the years is that products that call themselves moisturisers, for example, in fact do the opposite and induce instead a cycle of dependency by drying out the skin. So it is a joy to be involved in the preparation and distribution of these natural products that really do what they say they do, with no hidden nasties. Being Lesley’s sister I have been both influenced and taught very well and am only too pleased to support and oversee the UK side of this partnership.”

Together we believe that good skin doesn’t have to cost the earth…

  • We believe that our natural, hand-made preparations are better for you than items mass-produced by major pharmaceutical companies. Freshly made, with ingredients taken from nature, New Leaf Naturals are gentler on the skin and on the environment.
  • No animals have suffered in the making of our products.
  • When you purchase and use New Leaf Naturals no multi-national companies are making vast profits out of you. You are actually doing something positive for yourself and for the environment.
  • We create hardly any waste at all and aim to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.
  • We avoid unnecessary mechanisation and unnecessary journeys.
  • We design and print our own labels on our small home computer, we hand-pick our herbs, hand-make all of our products, and your orders are posted from our local sub-post office so, all in all, you couldn’t get an industry that was much more cottagey than ours!
  • We believe that it would be a good idea if more people considered what they are buying into when they buy their skin care products. Maybe it is time for more people to adopt higher principles, time for more people to turn over a New Leaf….